How to Purchase a Fairy Cottage

All cottages are for sale via my Etsy site:

First, you need to ask yourself if you’re ready to own a fairy cottage

Do you have a spot in mind for this cottage? It can be out in the garden (if you live in an area that freezes, you should take it inside during the winter.) You can put it on a shelf in your home, but it should be high enough so that it’s out of the reach of cats. Next to gardens, libraries are fairies’ favorite spots, so a bookshelf is always a welcome place. The best place, by far: a fern garden.

Are you willing to give the cottage access to moonlight occasionally? Fairies live by moonlight. They absorb it, they revel in it, and they need it the way humans need water. It is a spiritual experience for them. By placing the cottage in the moonlight from time to time, you are letting the Fey know how important their needs are to you.

 Are you able to supervise children’s visit with the fairies? We would very much encourage children to develop a love and respect for the Fey, and part of that happens by being able to touch the cottage and open its door, and take off the roof. However, sometimes little fingers accidentally press a bit too hard on the fragile fairy glass in the windows. If it breaks, it certainly won’t hurt them, but it will be impossible to replace the window later.

And finally…do you believe?   Click here:

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