Hollis Hollow

One glance at Hollis Hollow and it’s easy to see what type of fairy lives there.  He is very, very tall, and very, very thin.  He’s about the thickness of a sheet of paper, and when he turns sideways, he just about disappears. His name is Hollis and he is a fairy that slips easily into the in-between spaces.

In-between spaces are all around us.  They are the liminal times of day:  sunrise,  sunset.   The exact moment of high tide at the shore; or the moment when the tide is lowest, seconds before it turns.  It may be the threshold of an unfamiliar door.  It could be that time when you awaken in a strange room and aren’t exactly sure where you are yet.  Maybe it’s when you are handed a wrapped gift… those precious seconds before you tear into it. Parents will recognize that liminal moment when their baby entered the world.  Some of us experience it when we sit with our loved ones as they exit this world.

Perhaps it’s that moment when you close your weary eyes at the end of a long day and start to fall asleep, yet you’re not yet asleep… it’s that in-between place again.   These liminal moments are intersections in the fabric of the universe… so full of promise and change.  It is at this point that your life takes a small turn – for better, or sometimes, for worse.  The choice is almost always up to you.

Hollis guards these in-between places.  He knows how sacred they are, and how much they affect human existence.  He wants you to experience them.  More importantly, he wants to watch you experience them.

The next time you find yourself at a liminal moment, de-focus and soften your eyes.  In the very far corners of your peripheral vision, you might catch Hollis slipping in to watch.

Hollis Hollow has been purchased, but there are more cottages here: www.etsy.com/shop/FairyCottages

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