Tricklewood Cottage

Tricklewood Cottage is a fairy dwelling with a past.  It used to be a fairy church.  Time and weather have had their way with it.  Bushes and trees grow up and around the windows and across the front door.  And though it looks a lot like regular fairy cottages, if you look closely you’ll see a different architecture.  The sapling trees in the woods bend toward one another to frame the walls, resulting in a perfect Gothic arch on all three sides…irresistable to the Fae.

What do Fairies do in church, you ask?  Well, since they love to imitate what humans do, they file in somberly and sit for a while.  Then they sing, which is their favorite bit.  One will sit up front and pretend to bang on a pretend organ.  Then one will  pass the offering basket, and everyone gives what they can.  A quick glance in the basket will reveal some string, a penny, some fishing line, a crumpled feather, some dryer lint, and maybe a marble.  Soon they run out of all the Fairy songs they know, so they light candles and hum for a bit.  When restlessness gets the better of them,  they file out with great dignity.

Who knows why this Fairy church was abandoned.  Pesticides?  Developers?  Feral cats? We’ll never know.  But if you sit at a distance and watch it carefully at twilight, that sacred, in-between liminal time, you’re apt to see the flicker of a candle or two.

Tricklewood has been sold.  More cottages are currently available here:

One Reply to “Tricklewood Cottage”

  1. This is ENCHANTING! I can SEE the fairies sitting in the half-light of the retreating day singing fairy songs and finally humming in the candles’ glow. And, of course, filing somberly, or gleefully out, as the mood strikes them. How utterly beguiling. THANK YOU for the lovely images.

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