Windspinner Cottage

Fairy cottage house fae faery faeries windspinner sail
Sign in front of the cottage

The fairies of Windspinner Cottage live in tree branches when they’re on land. They spend most of their days running over the surface of ponds, lakes, and anywhere they can find quiet water. Fish are sometimes fooled into thinking they are little insects on the surface, but are never quite quick enough to actually catch one.

Why the constant movement on the water’s surface?  It is thought that they have something to do with oxygenating the water in quiet, slow flowing places.  Their shoes are like little cushions that allow them to glide over the water’s surface tension,  without breaking the surface.  The slightest breath of a breeze can propel them 15 feet if their wings are fully extended.

When they asked for a cottage of tree branches, I was happy to oblige.  When it was finished, I sat in my studio and stared at it.  There they were, again, nagging me about something. (This was a very vocal group.) It isn’t finished yet, they said.  There is something more, they said.  For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it was.  So I went to bed.  The next day, the moment I sat down in front of the cottage, they cried out, “Make a sail!  Make a sail!  We need a sail!”   On a tree branch house?  Never second-guess a fairy. Just go with it, I thought.  So here is Windspinner, under full sail.

Fairy cottage house fae faery faeries windspinner sailWindspinner is currently available at:

2 Replies to “Windspinner Cottage”

  1. Somehow I ended up here. Not sure how, but I am entranced. Your blog and gorgeous fairy cottages are beautiful. Thanks for putting this out here on the net. 🙂

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