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Clock Fairies

Fairies have been known to inhabit almost anything they take a fancy to, but old clocks seem to hold a special fascination for them, as do grandfather clocks.  I’ve heard from other people that they’ll even mess with alarm clocks … Continue reading

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Mysterious Disappearances

I’m just going to say it straight out.  Fairies take things.  They have a very skewed sense of ownership, as in, if I live here, I must own it; therefore I’ll take this pretty thing.   It’s not the queer two … Continue reading

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How to hear fairies – Pinesong

Most people don’t know this, but fairies often sing to the Moon.  For them, the Moon represents all that is beautiful and precious.  Of course, because of the curvature of Fae eyes, the moon appears a hundred times bigger than … Continue reading

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Windspinner Cottage

The fairies of Windspinner Cottage live in tree branches when they’re on land. They spend most of their days running over the surface of ponds, lakes, and anywhere they can find quiet water. Fish are sometimes fooled into thinking they are little … Continue reading

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Tricklewood Cottage

Tricklewood Cottage is a fairy dwelling with a past.  It used to be a fairy church.  Time and weather have had their way with it.  Bushes and trees grow up and around the windows and across the front door.  And though it looks … Continue reading

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Fairy houses for homeless Fae?

I have a pod of fae that are trooping around the west side of my property.  I suppose they’ve always been there, even before we remodeled the house and extended the new kitchen out into their space.  Now my pantry … Continue reading

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